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Customer insight refers to the in-depth understanding, knowledge and information that a business obtains about its customers. It includes a wide range of information and observations about customers' needs, preferences, behaviour,

habits, attitudes and expectations.

With customer insight, we will help you get the information and data you should have in your CRM system.

Based on level (essential, enhanced, enriched or engaged) and target group, we examine what is missing

in your CRM system and enrich your data with contact information.


Essential data are necessary to identify and communicate with customers.

This data forms the foundation for business relationships and transactions.


Enhanced data provides deeper insight into customer behavior and preferences.

This data optimizes your customer relationship and enables the creation of targeted marketing strategies.


Enriched data includes advanced analytics as well as segmentations based on customer behavior and interactions.

This data strengthens the understanding of customers' needs and opportunities for personalized service.


Engaged data focuses on direct interactions with customers and creates deeper connections and loyalty.

This data supports active customer feedback, support and targeted communication to build strong and lasting relationships.


Look-alike data help find customers who share similar characteristics or behavior patterns to your existing customers.

This data is used to identify new potential customers who are likely to have similar interests or buying behavior to your current customers.


The data levels can adapt in relation to tasks or customer needs. This can include customer support, follow-up tasks, assigning promotions or offers to specific customer segments. 


Let us help you find the right data and information so you can get better customer insights and better results.

We at Jelly & Fish are ready to help. 

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